The Lake

A legacy of the last Ice Age, the beautiful Tal-y-llyn Lake nestles in the Southwest corner of the Snowdonia National Park. Once known as ‘Llyn Mwyngil’ or ‘Llyn Myngul’, the Tal-y-llyn is a large glacial ribbon lake which was formed by a massive post-glacial landslip, damming up the lake within the glaciated valley. Stretching over 220 acres, its tranquil waters have been a popular fishery location since the early 1800’s

One of the most photogenic valleys in all of Wales, The Tal-y-llyn lake is surrounded by steep heather clad hills from which water cascades down into the fast-flowing river Dysynni. Although the lake stretches out a mile and a quarter, it is only 3 metres in depth and its vast watery expanse mirroring the sky above makes it a photographers’ paradise.

In English romantic writing, the lake is known as ‘The Lake of the Quiet Retreat’, which it certainly is.

“There is a sweet accordant harmony

In this fair scene-

These pure waters, where the sky

In its deep blueness shines so peacefully,

A spot it is for far off music made,

Stillness and rest.”

John Henry Cliffe 1860.